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Above, the arrival of 2 new Volvo TRIDEM REL lorries with Heil Big Bite.





Volvo FL 280's & Volvo FE's

New arrivals for 2016, 2, 16 ton Skip Loaders

The second picture shows the Volvo FE 18 ton Skip Loaders with Hyva Extending arm bodies.










Exhibitors at Hill Head

Hill Head 2014









Due to current demand we have purchased 6, 40yd Rollon-offs and 70, 8yd Drop Door Skips. These recent additions have increased our stock to approximately 2500 skips.







After winning a major contract with a Blue Chip Company, we have taken delivery of a new Draw Bar Vehicle, this will reduce movements as we can carry two skips with this vehicle, helping us lower our Carbon Footprint. The vehicle is a Volvo FM12 460 fitted with a Boughton body.







New Baler

An increase in recyclable material has been seen in recent months with the installation of a secondary picking line and continued customer segregation at site. To help with the extra workload of baling the materials we have taken delivery of a secondary baler.

More News

Installation of Solar Panels which will reduce our electricity consumption. Another investment towards our green approach towards the environment.

Additional Waste Handling Machinery

Over the last 5 years, Peak Waste has invested in additional waste handling machinery. This helps us to recycle more material efficiently.

With a few of our vehicles beginning to show their age, it is time to renew some of our fleet. Orders have been placed for 4 new trucks.





Right, Steve Large (General Works Manager, Courtaulds Belper) and Richard Martin (Director, Peak Waste Recycling Ltd.) after Courtaulds received the ECO Factory Accreditation Award in partnership with Marks and Spencer.

Peak Waste helped Courtaulds to use a sustainable material using a 'closed loop system'. Any material left over from manufacturing is baled and transported back to the supplier for reuse. This has also enabled Courtaulds to lower their carbon footprint.

95% of Courtaulds waste is recyclable, the remaining 5% is baled and sent to a Waste to Energy plant and used as fuel to power turbines that is converted into electricity. This enables a 'zero to landfill' policy.


A secondary baler has been ordered to cope with the growth of our recycling facility. Customers have already seen the benefits of recycling on site and have welcomed our innovation to continue to strive towards higher recycling percentages and minimal waste.

Recent developments have seen us invest into the future.

With a second bespoke plant now fully functional. The two plants sort, separate and stockpile reclaimables from incoming domestic, commercial, building and demolition waste materials, one treating a light wastestream which includes board, paper, plastics and woodwaste; the other designated for the heavier end, including secondary aggregates, scrap metals and fines. Each plant is comprised of trommel screeners, conveyor systems, picking stations, magnets and blowers to obtain the best possible quality of clean recyclable materials for reuse. We are also processing any remaining waste into RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) material which is exported to Amsterdam where it is used for power generation. Our company is justifiably proud of its recycling rate.





As you can see the new recycling storage area is nearly complete. This has been an essential addition helping to achieve our high recycling percentage and zero to landfill policy.

Liebherr A316

Choosing a replacement materials handler is a significant investment and we took a long look at the market before deciding to buy our first Liebherr an A 316 Litronic wheeled machine in long-reach industrial specification. The A 316 Litronic is busy loading high-sided bulkers, stockpiling and feeding the recycling plants on site.

The A 316 Litronic is a high specification wheeled materials handler featuring an hydraulically elevating cab, a 3.5 metres stick with tilt kinematics and a 5.5 metres industrial straight boom for maximum lift height and long reach capabilities. Our machine is equipped for both grapple and shear, with Liebherr Tool Control for automatic recognition of attachment, adjusting hydraulic flow accordingly; it is also equipped with hydraulic swivel for full 360 rotation of the selected attachment. For operational stability, the A 316 is fitted with front and rear hydraulic outriggers and, when free-on-wheels, the mobility and agility of this machine provides excellent manoeuvrability around the site. The A316 Litronic is an 18 tonnes class machine and the level IIIA/Tier 3 engine output is 94kW, providing power to spare. Lift capacities are up to 11 tonnes, with a maximum reach and lift height of 9 metres.