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Roll on - Roll offs range from 20 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards and are ideal for industrial premises. These containers are not suitable for households and can not be placed upon the public highway.

20yd Rollo's have lower sides, approximately 4' (1.22m) deep 20' (6m) long and 6' (1.83m) wide, making it easier to load, mainly used for heavy materials such as soil, concrete and builders waste.

Roll on - Roll off 40yds

40yd Rollo's are approximately 6' (1.83m) deep x 20' (6m) long and 6' (1.83m) wide, mainly used for large bulky light waste and general mixed waste.

Roll on - Roll offs are on a transport and tonnage system with a minimum tonnage charged at the point of delivery.

We can also supply these containers for recycling wood, inert waste and cardboard at a lower rate.

Compactor Units

Compactor units are recommended for premises producing high volumes of compactable waste, (packaging, canteen waste, textiles e.t.c) with a compacting ratio of 4:1 this will reduce transport costs.

Compactor units are on a rental contract for a period of 12 months minimum.

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