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Please fill in our form to book a skip. If there are any instructions for the driver or a specific time you require the delivery, enter these on the 'additional comments' Thank You.

Skip Hire

We supply a range of skips from 4yd midi skips to 40yd Rollon-off containers, delivered quickly and efficiently.

For domestic use, we recommend either, a 4yd midi skip (picture 1) or a 8yd builders skip (Picture 2). These can be placed on your property or on the road (pending a permit obtained from the local council).

Skip Sizes

Skip Dimensions 4yd Midi Skip 9' x 6' x 3' deep (picture1), 8yd Builders Skip 11' x 6' x 4' deep (picture 2)

14yd Open (Light Waste Only)

We supply a larger skip designed for light bulky material, with high sides and low loading ends. Approx. 12' long x 6' wide x 6' tall. This skip is not suitable for heavy materials.

14yd Enclosed (Light Waste Only)

This skip can be made lockable and placed on sites where the contents need to be secure. It also deters fly tippers and unwanted waste. Again, approx. 12' long x 6' wide x 6' tall. This skip is for light mixed waste and not suitable for inert waste (top soil / concrete / hardcore).


Yes using our skip booking form. This also allows you to pay for the skip in advance using a debit / credit card or paypal account.

We require a minimum of 10' (3m) width, 12' (3.65m) for height (telephone cables over hanging trees etc.)

We do have some smaller vehicles that deliver 4yd midi skips that only need 8' (2.44m) width access.

4yd skips : approx. 9' (2.44m) x 6' (1.83m) x 3' (0.91m) deep.
8yd skips : approx. 11' (3.05m) x 6' (1.83m) x 4' (1.37m) deep.

Skips can only be placed on a public road if a permit has been granted from the local authorities, this can be arranged by us for a small fee.

We usually allow you to keep them for 7 days, although we do not object to you keeping them for an extra couple of days. We will not collect the skip automatically and wait for you to let us know when it is ready. Longer hire terms can be arranged on request.

No only some 8yd builders skips do and need to be requested at the time of order.

No! we ask you to make sure the ground the skip is to be placed upon, will be sufficient to take the weight of the skip and the vehicle delivering it.

Fridges, Freezers, Tyres, free flowing liquids, Asbestos and anything hazardous. We can arrange to remove these items using a designated container especially for hazardous waste.